About Us

halaltodo is an event discovery and ticketing platform helping connect people and events through a seamless website. We enable people from all over the United Kingdom to discover and purchase tickets to halal events near them. Our focus is on halal, the events aren’t required to be “Islamic” in nature, but are required to conform to a “halal” standard. The events can range from Islamic courses to pottery classes to food festivals and travel/tourism expos.

Muslims are increasingly outgoing and wanting to engage in activities whilsts remaining in a halal environment. There is also a high demand for quality Islamic educational courses. Here at halaltodo we aim to provide a halal-friendly environment for people to discover events and activities that educate and entertain them. A platform where event organisers can engage the right audience to promote their events to muslims and non-muslims alike.

Mainly at halaltodo we just want to make halal easy!

What is halal?

Many people associate the word “halal” with food and drink, however the term halal can be applied to different aspects of life. The word halal is defined as that which is permitted which includes everything a Muslim does from eating, business, politics and social interactions. The opposite (haraam), are such things which are not permitted for a Muslim.

Halal and haraam can mean different things to different people, depending on their interpretation, school of thought or a number of other reasons. So we do not define a specific meaning to halal at halaltodo but let the community to decide for themselves what they consider as halal. Haraam is more specific and most Muslim generally know what is haraam. It includes but not limited to alcohol, drugs, interest and gambling. To ensure a halal environment is maintained we prohibit anything that is haraam to be a part of an event or activity at halaltodo.

Here at halaltodo we endeavour to ensure that events on this page adhere to the concepts of halal. If you are not sure your event complies or have seen something at halaltodo that you are not sure about then please get in touch with us.

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