Terms and Conditions

1.   Who are we?

1.1.  Halaltodo

We are halaltodo, a discovery, events, ticketing and discovery platform helping to connect people and event organisers through a simple and seamless online service. We enable people from all over the United Kingdom to find and purchase tickets to ‘halal’ events near them. The events aren’t required to be ‘Islamic’ in nature, but are required to conform to a ‘halal’ standard set out by halaltodo. The events can range from Islamic courses to pottery classes to food festivals and travel/tourism expos.

1.1.1. What is halal?

Many people associate the word ‘halal’ with food and drink, however the term ‘halal’ can be applied to different aspects of life. The word ‘halal’ is defined as that which is permitted, which includes everything a Muslim does from eating, business, politics and social interactions. The opposite of which is ‘haram’, these are such things which are completely unacceptable or not permitted for a Muslim. Here at halaltodo we endeavour to ensure that the events on this website adhere to the concepts of ‘halal’. However, it is the sole responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that an event advertised as ‘halal’ adheres to the concepts of ‘halal’ completely.

2.  Attendees

2.1. Services we provide to you

halaltodo’s website enables attendees to find and purchase tickets to ‘halal ‘events in any area through our simple search service. We do not organise or own any of the events listed for sale or available for registration on our website. We provide a service which enables event organisers to register and promote their events and tickets on our platform. All sales are made by the event organiser for which we allow a platform for the transaction. It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure that any event listed by them on our platform meet the requirements stated by them in their event description and delivered in a satisfactory manner. It is also the event organisers obligation to ensure that any event listed by them meet the national rules, regulations and laws.

2.2. Payment

i. Fees

All fees charged to attendees are ultimately chosen by the event organisers. halaltodo charges event organisers a standard fee to list their event on our platform. These fees may vary between different events. Event organisers may choose to pass these fees along to attendees or may chose to absorb and pay these fees out of gross proceeds. Therefore, fees paid by attendees for an event may not necessarily reflect the same fees charged to the event organiser by halaltodo. Payment processing fee’s apply to attendees, this is a charge of 20p + 1.4%, which will be paid to our payment processing provider Stripe.

ii. Refunds

For all refund requests, attendees should contact the relevant event organiser. Event organisers should maintain a refund policy on each event page, as well as contact information should a refund be request by the attendee. In the event that an organiser does not respond to a requested refund within 14 working days or there is a dispute between an organiser and attendee which cannot be resolved, either party may contact halaltodo. Although halaltodo may act as an arbitrator between the aforementioned parties, halaltodo will have no liability for an organiser’s failure to refund the full amount.

3.  Event Organisers

3.1 Services we provide you

halaltodo provides a simple and quick means for event organisers who are registered users to create event registration, organiser profile, fundraising profiles and other webpages related to their events. This aids the promotion of the event organisers event and allows events organisers to sell tickets and registrations (or free registrations). If an event organiser wishes to create a fundraising event, halaltodo will allow users to submit donations (as though they were buying tickets for an event).

3.2 Fees

halaltodo charges event organisers a base fare of 50p + 3% of total ticket price (with a maximum charge of £19.90), this can be absorbed by the event organiser or can be passed on to attendee purchasing the ticket. Payment processing fee’s apply to attendees, this is a charge of 20p + 1.4%, which will be paid to our payment processing provider Stripe.

4.  Privacy Policy

4.1.  Co-ownership

halaltodo follows a “co-ownership” model with respect to the attendee’s information. This means that all registered attendee information inputted into an event page posted by an organiser will be shared with the respective organiser. Event organisers may also use this information to promote other events that may be of interest to the attendee. Each attendee agrees to this sharing and understands that each organiser is solely responsible for sensible use of attendee information that was provided to such organiser through the services and that halaltodo is responsible only for its own use of attendee information. Each organiser agrees that:

a) it will at all times comply with the applicable local and national laws, rules and regulations with respect to attendee information

b) it will at all times comply with any applicable policies posted on the services with respect to attendee information

c) upon the request of an attendee, attendee information should no longer be used for marketing or promotional purposes.

However, attendees should note that attendee information may still be available to the organiser. Attendee information includes but not limited to: name, address, e-mail address, past event attendance and event interests.

4.2.  Payment data

halaltodo will not share attendee payment data with an event organiser. This means any full credit/debit card number or other full payment account number and related expiration date and security code entered to purchase a ticket or make a donation for an event, as long as that information is written in the fields under “payment” on the order payment page. Note that if an attendee enters such information in other areas of the service, or provides it to another user, it may not be encrypted and may automatically be shared with applicable user. So attendees should enter such information with care under and only under “payment” on the order payment page.